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Washuu's Anime/Video Game Fan Page
Magic Knight Rayearth Shrine

Magic Knight Rayearth... my fav.

Magic Knight Rayearth is a heart wrenching storyline done by CLAMP (a group of four ladies who put out some of the best manga). The manga is stunning and the characters are really laid out. It is excellence (Plus it has really cute guys!) But its about three girls (Hikaru, Umi, Fuu) who are summoned to a land called Cephrio to save it by Princess Emarude (The one called a Pillar who supports the land) they meet many more along the way and then comes a big shocker. I won't say but READ IT (Manga) (The DVD isn't as good as the manga) and find out why I am obsessed with this.

Big Big Big News! The whole entire series is out in manga form (and I must admit the manga is better than the anime)> But if you like anime you must read it. The last Manga (as well as all the others) is so good... I'm speechless! Wow. YOU ROCK CLAMP!

Do you want to see more MKR pictures? Go Here!!


This cute purple haired guy is Clef (Guru Clef). He's a master magician and adorable!!!


Isn't Emarude Beautiful!


Here's a Kawaii picture of my favorite Knight (HIKARU!)

Heres Hikaru (Red hair) Umi (Blue hair) and Fuu (Blondie)


Eagle, a cute adorable guy. Hee hee!



My Favorite Knight.


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