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Washuu's Anime/Video Game Fan Page
Anime in General

From Ranma to Ah! My Goddess there are so many anime.

The three Goddesses from Ah (Oh) My Goddess


What is your favorite anime character? E-mail me at and I'll keep taly!
I Think...


Fushigi Yuugi (Mysterious Play)

Remember to e-mail me. Comments, questions, an anime that deserves a spot?

What got you started on anime? E-mail me at and I'll post some of the more creative responses (please don't make it long...)

I Started Watching Anime Because...

I watched Pokemon and Sailor Moon and enjoyed it. However, I was on the internet one day and I saw pictures from other shows. Then I got a MKR manga from and was amazed. From then on well, I'm stuck!


Ranma 1/2 !


Kenshin From Rurouni Kenshin (isn't he CUTE!)


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