Washuu's Anime/Video Game Fan Page


Hello! Welcome to my little shrine to my passion. ANIME and some VIDEOGAMES. I hope you enjoy! ~^.^~

Okay, whats up with this wacko? Well, a while ago I was introduced to anime and some RPG's. I've finally decided to put a site up (since its summer and all). I want to have fanficts and fanart (mucho gracias for those who will send them to me!!!!) And I also want to include links to great anime sites, a few pictures, and make a cool site!

Well, Washuu is my favorite anime character. She is also the one I have the most in common with! (Really, its quite scary). So I decided to be her on the web (Please call me Washuu-chan or Little Washuu if you decide to e-mail me.

E-mail me with comments, fanart, or your site for my links!

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~^.^~ (Neko)