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Washuu's Anime/Video Game Fan Page
Anime News!

The Place for some New anime merchandise awnd manga!

~Last Magic Knight Rayearth (**) Manga is out! :)
~Next Oh! My Goddess (*) manga is out! "The Devil Urd"!
~New Cartoon Network line up! Mobile Suit Gundam at 5:00, Outlaw Star (*) at 5:30, and Dragon Ball Z until 7:00. But they cut Tenchi and Sailor Moon... ><
~A new anime magazine called "Anime Invasion" is out. It is really cool, check it out!
~Cardcaptors released some new episodes (But Card Captor Sakura is better...)
~Its Yu-Gi-Oh will be airing in Fall on Fox Kids. Looks pretty cool!
~3rd Season of Digimon...
~A new manga called Kazan appeared. It looks cool!
~4th Fushigi Yuugi Manga is out!
~Gate Keepers is being released by Pioneer.
~Roboteck is being released by ADV
~Death and Rebirth! Yea!
~Magi-nation cards! They have anime art and there is a new expansion! Check them out they rock!
~New Haiyo Film! (Mononke Hime guy!)


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