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Washuu's Anime/Video Game Fan Page

I love RPG, Especially Final Fantasy. Any Ideas as to what I should put here?

Who do you think the best RPG character is? I'll keep a tally- e-mail me at!
I Think it is:
Vincent Valentine

Stonekudama Says:
Aeris Rocks!

Reyseki (My indesisive friend) Says:
Cloud, Sephiroth, Laguna, Vincent (I'm liken that :), and Rufus... Oh she also says Red... and many many more! :)

AzureViper says:
Zell, because he's the only comic relief in FFVIII!

Kuja from FFXI all the way!

What do you think the best RPG is? E-mail me at and I'll keep tally! The V's mean more than one person said it!
I think...
Final Fantasy VII (V)(V)
Final Fantasy VI (Mallow Fluff)
Chrono Trigger (Ryan)
Final Fantasy III (Ryan)
Final Fnatasy VIII (WolfMaster22411)


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